Education Loan Task Force (ELTF)

Education Loan Task Force (ELTF) is part of Action 2020 team of India Vision online group. ELTF was formed to guide highly deserving, poor students to avail the bank loans for higher education. Whenever Banks harass genuine deserving students, without following the RBI rules, ELTF will take up with higher authorities for solution. However ELTF will not undertake to get any loans from Banks. This is a voluntary group of youngsters to create awareness about the education loans in India.

Those who want to get any clarification or guidance from us, please send the full details to our email  or

While sending the mail to us, please furnish the full details like, name of the bank, branch, when the loan application was submitted, the course details, the amount of loan sought, how many times the applicant met the branch manager, whether he met the regional manager, the response received from the bank officials etc.

Please also ascertain from the bank the email id of the branch and their regional office.  This may also be included in your mail.

We will examine your complaint and give suggestions to you.  If required, we will also directly take up with Reserve Bank of India for their intervention.  

Please note that ELTF does not guarantee any bank loans to the students.  We give only guidance.  The Banks hold the right to sanction or reject the loan applications, as per rules of the Bank.

ELTF is only a team of volunteers and we have nothing to do with the Government or Banks.  


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