Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New website links to get education loan interest subsidy status

Canara Bank has now announced the following two new links to get the status of Education Loan interest subsidy.  

For enquiry regarding CSIS Subsidy claims made up to 2013-14:

For enquiry regarding  CSIS Subsidy claims made after 2013-14:

These two links are maintained by Canara Bank, IT Department (Nodal Bank for Education Loan interest subsidy scheme)

If the students need any clarification, they need to approach the concerned Branch Manager only.  They should not write to ELTF.  ELTF does not have any details of individual accounts.  If the Branch Managers do not give proper response, the students can report to the Regional manager and the Chairman of the concerned Bank in writing.  They can also complain to Reserve Bank of India in writing.  

ELTF will not respond to the mails or facebook comments seeking micro details about the interest subsidy. 


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